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Professional Services

Metro Mechanical specializes in commercial HVAC systems in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Metro Mechanical can help from budgeting your commercial project, helping with the design and build the project.


Plan & Spec Projects

Metro Mechanical Plan & Spec construction installation projects make up 60% of our total business. Metro Mechanical estimators start in the budget stage helping our clients budget their projects from a single sheet plan to a completely set of engineer plans. Metro Mechanical estimates projects for $1,000.00 to $8,000,000.00, in various types of buildings such as single story, mid-rise buildings and high rise buildings.

Design Build Projects

Metro Mechanical has an outstanding reputation for their design build estimating. With over 25 years of design build experience, in house draftsman and licensed professional engineer they have the ability to estimate, design and build projects with-out the outsourcing of an independent mechanical engineer.

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Mechanical Piping

Metro Mechanical has a diverse  Mechanical Piping Department specializing in VRF, Chilled Water, Condenser Water, and Refrigerant Piping.

Installing chilled water, condenser water or refrigerant piping for a supplemental unit or a complete build of VRF,  our piping department has  experience to handle the task!


Metro Mechanical has a highly qualified service department that services all commercial HVAC. We service supplemental HVAC units in high rise office building, roof top units, VAV roof top units, CRAC units, Cooling Towers, air cooled chillers, FPB’S / VAV’S, split systems, exhaust fans, louvers, water source heat pumps, unit heaters, condenser water pumps and chilled water pumps. We also have a service sales department that can handle all quoted repairs, unit replacement and preventative maintenance agreements.  Metro Mechanical, Inc. is an approved federal government vendor.


Contact us to discuss whichever project you have in mind.

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